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  • 12 Month at a Glance Calendars
  • Monthly Logs
  • 2024 Chronicle
  • 2024 Overview
  • Stitching Ambitions and Aspirations
  • New Starts Register
  • Record of Finishes
  • Wish List
  • Waiting in the Wings Lists
  • Athenaeum
  • Ledger
  • Extra Pages for Annotations
  • 2025 Agenda

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The Stitcher’s Almanac contains 12 month at a glance calendars for the year with space to track your daily stitch count, projects and works in progress. Use it to plan out your stitching goals and to reflect on your accomplishments. 

Map out your stitching goals for the year and break them down by month. Chronicle your monthly achievements and log what you stitched each day or plan out your future projects. 

Record which projects you worked on when. Keep a register of all of your new starts and record and celebrate your finishes. Track your spending inside the ledger.

  • Format: Paperback 75+ pages
  • 2024 calendars with Monday or Sunday start
  • Size: 7 x 10”


Paperback Stitching Journal Planner

Order Paperback (8.5 x 5.5)

Hardcover Stitching Journal Planner

Order Hardcover (8.5 x 5.5)

132 pages of trackers, goals pages and undated calendars.

  • Accomplishment Log
  • Annual Goals
  • Monthly Goals
  • Yearly Tracker
  • Monthly Undated Calendars
  • Monthly Review / Recap
  • Monthly Notes Pages
  • Monthly Project Trackers
  • Progress Trackers
  • New Start Log
  • Finishes Tracker
  • Wish Lists
  • Waiting in the Wings
  • Expenses
  • Reading Lists
  • Hand Drawn Artwork


Stitching Journal - 7x9 - Sunday Start - Digital PDF Printable


Stitching Journal - 7x9 - Monday Start - Digital PDF Printable


Stitching Journal - A5 - Sunday Start - Digital PDF Printable


Stitching Journal - A5 - Monday Start - Digital PDF Printable



Undated Calendars, Monday or Sunday Start

Undated monthly calendars to keep track of your WIPs, projects, rotation and progress.

Accomplishment Log

Each month has its own box to fill in with your accomplishments for the month.

Track Your Expenses & Wish List

Monthly spending tracker to track your expenses and four pages to record projects in your wish list to remember for later.

Monthly Reviews & Notes Pages

Each month is seasonally themed (Northern hemisphere seasons) with hand drawn artwork. Space to review at the end of each month and reflect on what worked well and what didn't.

Track Your Yearly and Monthly Goals

Space to write your annual goals and break them down into monthly goals.

Progress Trackers and Partially Kitted Projects

More trackers include a progress tracker where you can colour in the percentage of progress you have made, when you have fully finished or framed a cross stitch, embroidery or needlework project. Also included are four pages of 'waiting in the wings' trackers to allow you to keep track of partially kitted projects. You can tick off once you have got the chart, fabric and floss.

Monthly Project Trackers

Track up to 25 projects each month by colour coding or ticking which days you worked on which projects. You can total the days up in the margins at the end of the month.

Hand Drawn Artwork

The artwork inside the journal is all hand drawn and full colour. Each month has three seasonal themed pages to make notes on your social media, flosstube, shopping lists and more.